Why Giving Free Advice Often Beats Paid Marketing

Why Giving Free Advice Often Beats Paid Marketing

“Wait, you want me to give away all the knowledge I’ve learned over the years FOR FREE?”

Yep. Pretty much.

Ok, it’s a little more complicated than simply giving away free stuff. You have to learn to LEVERAGE that knowledge. So today, we’re going to chat about why it’s perfectly acceptable to lay it ALL out on the table and sometimes work for FREE.

First, it builds credibility.

When someone shares a really valuable piece of information with you, you feel like you’ve been let in on a secret! And with that, you kinda like the person even more than you did before. What if you help someone increase sales, improve their pet’s health, or give a life hack that will save them time? THEY ARE GOING TO COME BACK FOR MORE, that’s what! When you can consistently offer valuable information to your customers when it comes to your trade/service/product, they will trust you. With trust, come likability, and with likability comes sales. It’s simple human psychology! 

Free advice is genuinely meant to help.

Paid marketing is fine…it can lead to a ton of cold traffic to your site and eventual sales, but it doesn’t necessarily create a connection. People don’t love being sold to, as a general rule. It doesn’t feel genuine. When people set out to help us, with no intention other than to help, we want to help them in return! Look, no matter how much you share of what you know, someone can’t magically become you. That’s your “IT” factor. So give freely, and you’ll see it be paid back greater than you ever expected. 

What platforms to use.

All of them. No really, you should be sharing free content on all media sites!

  • On YouTube, you can share long form video.
  • Instagram is great for video, photos and written copy.
  • Linkdin is meant for the business related information that is a bit more formal.
  • Facebook can foster a community of like-minded individuals in groups where you and others can interact.
  • And obviously a blog on your website can also be great when it comes to SEO and driving organic searches to your site, for WHATEVER you are selling.

It drives traffic like crazy!

We all love free stuff. And we love it so much, we often times end up on the creator’s website looking for more free stuff (ie. tips, tricks, info, hacks, etc). That is YOUR chance to pitch a PAID product or service! Once you get them on your site, and they KNOW you pour your heart into free work they assume that your paid product will also be as valuable! So keep the content coming!

People start investing in YOU as a person, not a business!

Because we are bombarded with ads constantly (like 5,000 PER DAY), our attention span is growing shorter and shorter. We are all searching for connection and authenticity in a world of constant sales. This is where you can show people who you are. The reality is, people will feel more of a connection to your product or service if they feel more of a connection to you personally. You don’t need to dive into your deepest darkest secrets, but showing people a little of the background can really help drive more sales.

It will quickly make you realize if you LOVE what you do!

If you can sit down everyday and produce free content, you will know your heart is exactly where it is supposed to be! If it feels absolutely dreadful to just create one piece of content a week, you may need to rethink what you’re doing. One thing I’ve learned in my business is when you offer your clients a product or service that you KNOW in your soul will help make their lives better, or bring them happiness, the money will come. 

So do you have to give away your best business knowledge or free products? No. But offering value to your clients or customers can never steer you wrong when it comes to increasing business. It builds the “know, like, trust” factor with you as a person so much that if you pivot in your business, you will likely already have a loyal following! So get to work!