Why Blogging is Important for Your Startup

Written by:  Kelly Acs, M.A. University of San Diego

Why Blogging is Important for Your Startup

Why is blogging important?

Your startup needs an online presence and it’s time you think about a blog. Your clients/customers are essentially inviting you to into their homes, be that with a product or a service, so it’s time that you establish an online presence that shows them that you mean business! To put it mildly, we need to connect. We want our clients to think to themselves while on our website or blog, “Wow, I NEED this product/service!!”

A blog is the best way to connect to future clients/customers. It gives you the perfect platform to not only showcase your work, but it also allows your client a glimpse into your business personality in ways that social media maybe can’t do as well.  What is important to you and your startup? Why did you become an entrepreneur? How do you treat and talk to your clients? All of these things come through your words!

Another perk is that people may share these blogs with their friends which means…MORE business! Word of mouth marketing is not only the BEST form of marketing in many respects, but it’s also pretty darn inexpensive!!


Don’t stress, just talk about your business and why you love what you do!

Seriously, the more you panic out about writing a blog (or anything for that matter), the more you’re going to put it off. Trust me; this happens to the best of us. The most helpful way to knock out a blog/article is to do it when you’re feeling inspired. So…try not to overthink anything and just go with the flow. The first thing you have to do is decide WHAT to write about and then decide on the title.

This can anything! Try these for example!

  1. Something about your startup that your customers/clients may want to know! What do you offer? What is your WHY behind your business? What inspires you? How does your product or service change the world for the better?
  2. People LOVE a good behind-the-business-scenes! We connect with people running businesses who are REAL. We don’t often connect with big corporations, so share little bits of yourself with the world. You don’t have to share your deepest/darkest secrets, but sometimes sharing a part of YOU within your business can work wonders!

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The Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now, let’s briefly chat about SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimization). This is probably something you’ve heard about, but don’t know much about. SEO is the method of increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website through search engine results. Basically, getting ranked on Google. Your goal is that when someone searches, “(Product/Service) in (your city),” that YOU rank on the first page. Now, there are about a million more things you can learn about SEO, so keep it simple at first and learn the basics.


Outline and plan your blog/article.

Before you write anything, you should come up with a title and four to five subheadings that you can then take them piece by piece! That allows you to organize your thoughts effectively. At this point, you can change the order to make sure that the blog flows well. This is how I tend to outline:

Professional Post:

  • Paragraph 1: Intro with a short story or funny fact about your business.
  • Paragraph 2: Tell us where you got the idea for your business and how it developed.
  • Paragraph 3: Now, tell us how you believe your product or service is changing the world!
  • Paragraph 4: Tell us how YOUR startup is different from the competition!
  • Paragraph 5: TALK to your clients/customers directly. Act as if you were having a face to face discussion and try to connect!

Your goal is to connect with your existing clients and future clients!

Personal Post: Outlining will be vastly different depending on what you choose to write about. Personal posts allow your clients to get to know you as a person, rather than a sterile business. You can be as personal, or as reserved as you want, but remember that people want to CONNECT with you on a deeper level.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Chronicle a time in your life or a person in your life that is important to you.
  • Tell us how you started your business in your basement on a budget of 200€.
  • Describe a lesson you’ve learned from your clients.
  • Explain WHY you have chosen to get into your chosen profession.
  • Detail a funny business fail and what it taught you as an entrepreneur.
  • Illustrate a time you wanted to quit something and didn’t.
  • Express yourself about a time you’ve felt vulnerable and how you overcame an obstacle running a startup.

photography blog

Add photos that make your blog fun and interesting!

If you’re blogging about your business, include 3-5 images that are relevant to your business! This helps with SEO, will help you when people are searching for images!

Remember, it’s ok to take a break.

A lot of writing comes from inspiration, so it’s ok to take a break when you’re just not feeling it. Yes, you want to get it done, but I promise you that your blog post will FEEL more genuine if you write it WHEN YOU WANT TO WRITE IT, and not because you HAVE to write it. Some days you’ll knock out two posts, and some days you’ll stare blankly at your screen. When that happens, walk away and come back at a later time. BUT COME BACK. Remove the pressure, get out of your head, and simply remember that you intend to share your love for your work! The rest will fall into place!