Tips for Making Decisions for Your Business​

Tips for Making Decisions for Your Business

Starting a business is stressful in itself. We usually have this genius idea, mull it over for months or maybe years, and then take the leap into the business unknown. What most people fail to mention is that you are going to have to start making a LOT of hard decision, many of which will potentially follow you for many years to come. So how do you make peace with making decisions in your new business, without letting the stress of it all overwhelm you? Here are a few tips to make your decision making process a little easier.

1. Create opportunities to make multiple decisions.

It’s time to throw yourself into your business, and when I say throw, I mean it. You need to create opportunities to exercise your decision making muscle. The more decisions we are faced with, the more we start trusting ourselves over time. Start small. Talk to everyone you can. Create relationships, schedule meetings, find a mentor, and TALK SOME MORE. These opportunities will likely lead to partnerships/friendships and allow you to start making more decisions for your business. Don’t just sit back and wait! 

Decisions for Your Business

2. Go with your gut.

Most often, your quickest decision will be the wisest one. This certainly doesn’t mean to jump to conclusions or not be thoughtful about how to approach a particular situation. What trusting your gut means is that if you feel really strongly about one outcome or decision verses another, that’s likely the route you should follow. Let’s not forget that many “mistakes” really are just learning experiences. Sure, you can lose money or a big business deal, but what you gain in return is insight, knowledge and a little more grit. 

3. Stop caring what people think.

How many times have you made a decision with someone’s voice in the back of your mind? Often, this “voice” is subconscious and full of judgment. While we certainly can take the advice of people around us, we also have to be still and listen to our inner “voice” that often knows what to do. Consulting mentors, friends, and family is absolutely ok if you find yourself in a difficult situation, but don’t let anyone’s judgment or criticism make important decisions for your business. 

4. Always think of what will bring the greatest good.

If you’re really stuck when it comes to an important decision, ask yourself which path will bring the greatest good to the world. This sounds a little far fetched, but when you make decisions out of fear rather than love, you’ll find that those decisions based in fear are small and often don’t work out in your favor. 

Decisions for Your Business

5. Know that there is no "perfect" decision.

Lastly, it’s always good to remember that there is NO perfect decision, there are only decisions. You are the only one that will label them “good” or “bad.” So feel confident that no matter what you decide in your business, that it’s completely ok either way! 

Decisions for Your Business