CEU entrepreneurship courses hosted by iLab

Interested in entrepreneurship? Would you like to develop skills that will help you do better at your job? Enroll into our credit courses instructed by our mentor faculty with the award winning CEU InnovationsLab startups providing the cases at hand.

CEU InnovationsLab announces the following 4 courses for CEU students and PhD candidates in the 2019/2020 Academic year on the Budapest Campus:

Technology Based Entrepreneurship (2 credits)
Course director: György Bőgel
Dates: fall term; from October 5

Finance for Startups (2 credits)
Course director: Joy Chan
Dates: fall term;
– 14 Nov (Thur), 21 Nov (Thur), 28 Nov (Thur), 5 Dec (Thur), 12 Dec (Thur) from 17:30-19:30
– 23 Nov (Sat) and 30 Nov (Sat) from 09:00-15:10

Introduction to Entrepreneurship (2 credits)
Course director: Gabor Baranyai.
Dates: spring term; to be announced.

“LLM Clinic” Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Clinical Course
(for Legal Studies students) (1 credit)
Course director: Andrea Kozma
Faculty instructor: Jessica Lawrence
Dates: winter and spring term; to be announced.

Enrollment in SITS starts on Monday, September 9, 2019 and will finish on Sunday, September 29, 2019. Check if your program is cross-listing the course, or use your free elective credits to register. CEU students and PhD candidates of any CEU programs may enroll, there are no pre-requisite requirements for enrollment.