Ambassadors Discuss Entrepreneurship at iLab Breakfast
Photo: CEU / Kepszerkesztoseg (Andras Dimeny)

U.S. ambassador David B. Cornstein and Dutch ambassador Rene van Hell made a special appearance at the first iLab’s Breakfast of the new academic year on September 18. The Breakfast also featured a panel of iLab startups, mentors and advisors.

The ambassadors shared accounts of the importance of risk-taking in building a business and also delved into the role of governments in enabling and fostering innovation.

President and Rector Michael Ignatieff welcomed the guests, stressing that even as CEU is opening a new campus in Vienna, the University will always maintain a strong, vigorous presence in Budapest: “our home, a city we love, a city we care about. Our facilities will be available for innovators, incubators, for business partnerships of all kinds.”

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