About CEU iLab

CEU iLab is a startup incubator set to help startups form Central Europe and beyond to become successful, international businesses.

The next iLab incubation cohort kicks off at the end of September 2020. Applications are open until 15 September. 

Details of the program

Informal chat

Ready for your business incubation?

Contact with one of the iLab Management team members, ask for a meeting, and pitch your idea.


Fill out our online Application Form and provide all the requested information. We review applications on a rolling basis, and we take new teams on board 2 times a year, in February and in September.


Interview sessions

Selected projects will be invited to participate in the interview week prior to the upcoming cohort’s start date. Your application will be evaluated by the CEU iLab Project Selection and Team Progress Oversight Committee and relevant external advisors to CEU InnovationsLab.

The program starts

If selected to the incubation, you will receive the initial infopack for iLab teams and will be invited to the Onboarding Week.

What the program offers

The CEU InnovationsLab doesn’t provide a strictly planned and scheduled program but rather a flexible scheme and where each team can choose from a wide variety of programs and events based on their own needs and goals.

Diagnostic sessions

Teams will have individual sessions with the iLab Mentors aiming to identify the main focus for the incubation program. The Mentors will provide a recommendation what iLab resources teams should be using to achieve their incubation goals.

Mentoring sessions

Throughout the program teams will have the opportunity to have regular one-on-one sessions with their Mentors to address their challenges.

Review meetings

Teams will be subject to mandatory quarterly Review Meetings. These meetings provide valuable feedback on team progress and are adjustment points of the incubation plan. Non-progressing teams will leave the program early.


CEU students from various departments are often joining iLab teams as interns.

Through the special possibility of the “Capstone projects” startups get to work with student experts from the business MS programs, while in the “LLM Clinic” practical course IBL students provide legal advisory to the teams.

Workshops, courses

Teams will be able to participate in relevant CEU courses as well as courses and workshops developed by iLab specifically for startups.

VC dating

iLab is facilitating its teams’ meeting opportunities with local and global Venture Capitals, Angels and other potential financial players.


Our monthly Breakfasts are interactive events aiming to strenghten our community by internal knowledge sharing and networking.


The iLab community is actively involved in various meetups and ecosystem events as contributors, speakers, panelists. We also run our own networking events and meetup series, like BlockChain Stories.

Investment rounds

iLab prepares you to become ready for investment at various stages of the entrepreneurial cycle -
from seed to B round.

CEU iLab Badge of Excellence

The CEU iLab Badge of Excellence is awarded to those startups that meet the benchmarks set by Talk-A-Bot in 2019:
– A round investment raised on the market / full bootstrapping
– EUR 450K revenue
– Doubled or tripled revenue y-o-y
– 10+ jobs created

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Become a member of the alumni network

Any member who has been in the incubation becomes CEU iLab alumni. As an alumni or graduate team you will remain part of the community, you have the opportunity to become a mentor, keep learning from and sharing skills with each other.

Why choose CEU iLab?

Start-ups that join CEU InnovationsLab become members of a knowledge network that can help them thrive. They also receive physical resources any young venture needs to function. As a CEU InnovationsLab start-up, you will benefit from access to:

Diverse, Motivated Talent

We connect start-ups to CEU’s international student and faculty community. Our Finance, Business Analytics, Technology Management, Economics and other master’s degree students are eager to work with energetic start-ups and contribute their fresh thinking and fresh ideas. We can also connect you to Budapest’s skilled technology and engineering workforce.


Members of CEU InnovationsLab are plugged into the entire CEU research community. This facilitates R&D collaboration with CEU departments, centers, and institutes in disciplines ranging from economics to environmental sciences. We also have partnerships with other universities and research institutions.


CEU InnovationsLab connects start-ups with opportunities for venture capital, angel investment, and other forms of growth equity, as well as non-traditional funding sources.


Our relationships with local organizations and international companies can ease entry into local, regional, and global markets, and connect you with potential customers.