Seven new startups introduced during our latest Breakfast

Written by: 
Aidana Omurova, CEU MS in Finance student

Second Thursday of October started with a cup of coffee with croissants and presentation of new promising startup teams. The breakfast brought together entrepreneurs, startupers along with professors, students and alumni. Attendees could get familiar with teams, also learn about their founders and projects.

Group photos of the new iLab teams

The following startup teams were welcomed at the breakfast:

Befluence is the best tool to measure performance of influencers in marketing campaigns in different social media platforms. The system allows a user to advertise products through influencers and also be able to know how their advertising is succeeding through influencers` posts and follow up-to-date customer responses. For more info about this startup check here.

GalenÄlva sells premium accessories for dog owners like special clothing that are comfortable to walk with their pets. Bono, the dog of founders, became an inspiration for launching the project.

Joyrider is the platform for creative people that would like to create the dramatic narratives. The team can can take any project from its earliest development – through prep, principal photography – help to until the final delivery of drama episodes. Learn more about them here.

Kider App is an application that personalize kids programs according to reviews, location and preferences. This is how you can become closer to your children and watch the same programs. You can download the application in the App Store and Google Play.

Pensulo Publishers Limited is a book publishing company that creates a vibrant community of writers and would-be writers working in concert to reduce the high levels of illiteracy in Zambia and surrounding regions through high quality book publishing.

SCRUNCH is a digital backup platform of the 3D shape of your teeth. SCRUNCH will help you to develop an individual dental insurance.

Risk Cyber helps in securing personal identity theft from leakage of crucial information to social media platforms. The project is vital for everyone since smartphone users are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

CEU MS students at the iLab Breakfast

This meeting was certainly encouraging and full of innovative projects. From now on, startups are actively working on expanding their teams and finding effective ways to communicate with own customers.