Goal Setting for Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Goal Setting for Start-Up Entrepreneurs

When we first start a business we get really excited about all the possibilities! So often we have one lofty goal in mind, but we ignore all the little goals in between that make all the difference. We need patience and a well thought out plan for how to reach that end goal, while still enjoying the journey!  Here are a few practical tips for setting small goals while keeping focus on the big one! 

1. Start with small realistic goals.

When you outline a goal, you need a roadmap of smaller goals that will get you there. For example, maybe a big goal for you is having a beautiful website that showcases your product or service in a simple yet effective way. So how does that break down.

  • First you need to research hosting sites, and pick your website address.
  • Then you need to decide if you’ll want to design it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.
  • What about branding considerations? Colors and fonts?
  • Then maybe you consider what copy/messaging you want to have.
  •  What type of photos will you need?
Basically, you outline these small goals on your to-do list, and by the end, you’ll have a new website and you’ll be on to the next goal!

2. Don't forget the details.

Sometimes we need to be a bit more specific about our goals in order to make them make sense? Does that makes sense? Until you get into the specific details, your brain can’t wrap itself around the plan, and therefore you procrastinate or maybe won’t start at all. Make sure to really sit down and outline your goals. It will make for a much smoother journey to get there!

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3.Make sure to review the goals weekly.

It’s always a good idea to circle back and see if the goals you set at the beginning are the same goals moving forward. As we know, life will change, as will business, and you’ll add or subtract certain goals depending on the results you see. Don’t be afraid to change course, as all good entrepreneurs know that going with the flow is easier than fighting what is necessary!

4. Remind yourself of your progress.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a big pat on the back and take ourselves out for ice cream. We can get so focused on our goals, that we lose track of time and space. Make sure to look back at all that you have achieved and take at least a minute to be proud of yourself. When we realize how far we have come in a day, a week, or a month, that may just give us the motivation to keep going and dream even bigger!

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5. Expand your goals.

Don’t be shy! As we reach and surpass the original goals for ourselves, we need to push on and find bigger goals to tackle. Sitting down once a month and brainstorming will lead to ideas that you may not have had at the beginning of your journey. As you confidence continues to grow, you’ll find that you may take on new tasks that may have scared you only a half a year ago!

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7. Keep pushing forward!

Don’t look at any failures other than as a learning experience. You simply just realized a way that something doesn’t work. Just like the Wright Brothers, who had the crazy goal of building a flying machine. Take those lessons, file them away, and keep pushing onward! You are much more resilient than you think!