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CEU iLab incubation program

The next cohort of our one-year incubation program starts at the end of September 2020. The application deadline is 15 September. 

Both CEU-related and external teams can apply for incubation at CEU iLab.

Fill out our online Application Form and attach your business plan. Your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and your team interview will happen a  couple of days after the submission of your application. 

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CEU iLab Bootcamp Illustration

CEU iLab Bootcamp: Your passport to iLab

The CEU iLab Global Startup Camp will help you assess business opportunities and set up a robust business development process. You will have the opportunity to analyze real business cases, understand and evaluate business ideas, meet entrepreneurial teams, including guests and iLab startup teams, and discuss real-life business situations. Graduates of the iLab Bootcamp are eligible to apply for the CEU iLab Incubation program.

Read about the 2019 Bootcamp and click on the button below for more details.