6 Tips to Stay Motivated in Business

6 Tips to Stay Motivated in Business

We’ve all seen it. Those startups that seem to be going around the clock! New ideas, constant innovation, and people that don’t seem to EVER stop working. But what about those times when life gets in the way, and we just don’t feel like continuing anymore! First, it’s normal, so let’s get that out of the way. We aren’t machines, so there will be times when we aren’t quite as excited to get out of bed and hit the “office!” Here are to tips to stay stay motivated in business when you may not feel excited!

Know the end goal, but enjoy the journey.

Most of us get so excited about the short term goals within our reach, that we completely forget about the PROCESS. We need to remember that the BAD times are just as valuable, if not more, than the times of great motivation and success. Think about it. What is more satisfying? Achieving something with ZERO effort when everything goes smoothly? Or when you end up at the finish line after giving it your all and falling down a few times? Sure, as humans, we like the path of least resistance, but overcoming challenges is what teaches us, not only about ourselves, but more about our business as a whole. So know your end goal, but have fun getting there, even if it’s a bumpy ride!


Surround yourself with encouraging and successful people.

Don’t spend your time with people that are going to complain with you! Surround yourself with people who are going to be honest, encouraging, and who will acknowledge the “suck,” and then tell you to DO something about it. It’s not always what we want to hear in the moment, but in the end, you’ll stay stuck less and less. It’s always wise to keep people around who you strive to be like. When you feel a constant push, you’re more likely to get out of your funk. In order to stay motivated in business, you have to be intentional!

Allocate time for something other than work!

When we are so focused on work and building a new startup, we often lose site that we need a break now and again. Set time aside to do something you love a few times a week. When your mind can focus on a different task, and engage in an activity that GIVES you energy, you’ll find that you have more motivation overall. This is just as vital for your business as spending a few hours a week working on your website or reviewing your financials.

Remember your "why."

We can get SO caught up in the day to day logistics of running a business that we forget why the heck we started it in the first place. So take a minute to write down your reason for doing the work that you do. Then put that somewhere that you’ll see it regularly. When you’re feeling a little demotivated, remember the people you serve and how YOU are making this world a better place to be. 


Know that being disheartened is temporary.

The lows are temporary, just like the highest of highs. When we acknowledge that, we don’t judge those moments and can more easily emerge from times of not feeling particularly motivated. Listen to that part of you that isn’t as excited, and ask yourself why? But REALLY ask, because “I don’t know,” isn’t an answer. What is getting you down? Are you afraid of failing? Did something shake your confidence? When we ask ourselves hard questions we can usually get to the root of our fear and overcome it!  

Be grateful.

Yep, everyone is talking about this and it’s very “new age,” but it WORKS. When you fill your mind with what you love about your life, those negative thoughts can’t exist at the same time. And as a matter of fact, if you get into this practice, you’ll notice that you start noticing the good things more and more! These things can be as simple as being grateful for the sunshine, or that cup of coffee in your hand.  

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Staying motivated in business isn’t an easy task some days. Allowing yourself to sit with the feeling without judgment can teach you so much. When you don’t attach to those thoughts, they can come and go without your emotions also getting entangled. So sometimes we need to push through those demotivating feelings and keep going!