Offering Value: The New Age of Entreprenurship

Why Adding Value Matters

Value. That’s the NAME OF THE GAME.

With all the noise on social media, via email, courses, webinars, etc, people are OVERWHELMED with options. That’s why you need to offer value. D.A.I.L.Y. 

Now you’re overwhelmed, I’m guessing?

Don’t be!

Just think for a second about your own habits. Who do you pay attention to online? Who are your favorite people/brands on social media? Of ALLLL the account you follow, how many do you feel ACTUALLY give you value? Out of the 1,000 people I follow on IG, I’d say, 5.

That shouldn’t scare you, that should tell you that people, in general, aren’t offering their followers/customers/clients consistent value. There’s a void YOU can fill in the market, so this is ME, personally telling YOU, to get on it.

So what is “value?” Ah yes, the million-dollar question!


Value Can Be Humor

Funny stuff sells, doesn’t it? Cat videos on Youtube, funny memes on IG, people who tell funny stories because that is their strength. The days of maintaining the status quo and not pushing the envelope are gone. Authenticity is in, friends. And if someone on your startup team is funny, and can produce funny content or videos, you need to get on that STAT. Stop caring what people think of you, because it’s only preventing you from being who you are, meaning that’s also stopping your team from reaching its full potential. Be funny, be you, and be weird. 

Think for a moment, do you appreciate when someone is quirky? I sure do. In fact, I will ONLY work with people who are themselves (funny or not).

Me on a typical Monday.

Value Can Be FREE Education

You need to offer value that brings people back time and time again. That can be education surrounding your chosen product or service. WHY is your service important? WHY do people need your product? HOW will you being in their world improve their lives? 

This comes back to the content piece. You NEED someone creating content. All sorts of content. 

I’ll give you some examples…

  • Maybe as a photographer you write a blog about why people should choose “golden hour” over other times of the day because it will improve their photos.
  • An IT company can post a tutorial on how to use any number of SEO programs to improve their rankings on Google.
  • Someone selling a pre-paid nutritional delivery service can offer a free download about the glucose index and why it’s important. 

Value Can Be Inspiration

Value can also be personal. Maybe you’ve had experiences in your life that are worth sharing. Maybe they are related to your product/service, and maybe not. Posting inspiration on social media (yes, even on your business page) builds the “know, like, trust” factor. And no, I’m NOT talking about those “quotes” you take from someone else! I get it, it’s not easy to share your heart, but a part of you knows that it does offer value.  

What are some ways to add inspirational value?

  • Tell people about that time you or your team wanted to quit, and didn’t.
  • Share about the time you almost ran out of money for your start-up and then found another way to move forward.
  • Explain to us WHY you do what you do! What about it sets your soul on fire? How does it impact every action you take? What intention do you put forth to maintain the path?

There is Value in Story-Telling

People love an engaging story. You know those 15 page social media posts that have a lot of engagement? Ok, you can probably tell if it’s a bot, but a lot of the time, they are probably telling a story. About their lives, about their process, maybe a failure here or there, and most importantly, it’s a story from their heart.

Think about the last book you read (one that you liked preferably). With each and every line, they sold you the next one. You wanted to keep reading because you wanted to know the end. 

Value Can Be Observation

Every single person’s perspective on this earth matters. You may not agree just yet, but I suspect you may at one point. Watch and learn from your customers and clients. And in turn, ASK for their opinions. I mean, they are the one’s deciding whether or not to hand over their money, correct? Falling into the trap of thinking that you know it better than your consumers can be dangerous. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. ASK. Send out surveys. Hope on a video call with your recent customer and ask about their client experience. Do the work and do it with care.

Value Is ALWAYS Giving More Than You Take.

I can’t stress this enough. Always give more than you take. That will keep loyal customers loyal.

Remember, if you aren’t constantly offering value, they will choose to spend their time elsewhere….so don’t make it all about you. There’s plenty of people in your market that already do that!